The Parish Council is made up of 12 Councillors who represent the residents of Kingshurst and work on their behalf. The Parish is split into two wards. The North ward comprises four councillors and the South eight councillors, and all are happy to be contacted at any time. We currently have one councillor vacancy.

All of Kingshurst Parish Councillors were elected to office in May 2019.


North Ward:

  • Cllr. Alvin Follows: 0777 3338 476 (Chairman)
  • Cllr. Bev Follows: 0777 3338 604
  • Cllr. Tina Williams: 07966660163
  • Vacancy

South Ward:

  • Cllr. David Cole : (0121) 788 3806 (Vice Chairman)
  • Cllr. Linda Cole:  (0121) 788 3806
  • Cllr. Sheila Daly: 07971 957193
  • Cllr. Maxine Dawson
  • Cllr. Mark Frampton:
  • Cllr. John Kimberley:  (0121) 605 9114
  • Cllr. Paul (Pablo) Sultana:
  • Cllr. David Woolley: (0121)788 2744

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Committees And Working Parties

Committees and working parties bring together a smaller number of councillors to concentrate on a specific function of the council and share the workload. Each must consist of at least three members.


All Kingshurst Parish Council committees are advisory; they make recommendations to the full council, which then makes the decisions.

Committee meetings must be advertised and open to the press and public, though the public may be precluded in participating in the meeting.

Finance Committee:

  • Cllr. John Kimberley
  • Cllr. Sheila Daly
  • Cllr. A Follows
  • Cllr. David Woolley
  • Cllr. Maxine Dawson

Events Committee:

  • Cllr. Linda Cole
  • Cllr. David Cole
  • Cllr. Sheila Daly
  • Cllr. Bev Follows
  • Cllr. Pablo Sultana
  • Cllr. Tina Williams
  • Mr L Browning (Co-opted member)

Environmental Committee:

  • Cllr. David Cole
  • Cllr. Mark Frampton
  • Cllr. Paul Sultana

Allotments Committee:

  • Cllr. Mark Frampton
  • Cllr. Tina Williams


Working parties are not subject to the strict rules that apply to committees and meetings do not need to be held in public.

A working party cannot make a decision on behalf of the council, but must refer its recommendations to full council for approval.

Kingshurst Rainbow Alliance Working Party:

  • Cllr. David Cole
  • Cllr. Pablo Sultana
  • Cllr. Marcus Brain
  • Ms J Cole (Co-opted member)